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As a newly spun-off brand, Forge Financial & Management Consulting’s website lacked an intentional strategy and technical foundation to generate leads and position them as a thought leader.

Forge serves more than 300 client groups, representing nearly 900 entities and their owners across the United States. They believe leaders shouldn’t have to rely on instincts alone, and Forge brings reliability and visibility to clients’ finances so they have predictability and flexibility within their organization through virtual CFO, audit, and business consulting and training services.

Website Blueprint & WordPress Website

As Forge expanded their offerings and developed the Simple ScaleUp System™, a proprietary business intelligence and leadership framework, they sought a new website partner who could understand their vision and create a new website to achieve their goals.

Specifically, Forge wanted their website to:

  • Attract new prospective clients
  • Inform existing clients about their other services
  • Position Forge as:
    • More than just an accounting firm
    • A desirable workplace with strong values
    • A thought leader in finance, leadership, and productivity topic

Our work with Forge began with a website blueprint to create a strategic plan for their site. Through phases of review, analyzing, and planning, we:

  • Learned the objectives of Forge’s leadership team
  • Audited their current website, including reviewing website analytics, performance, user experience, content, and security
  • Walked through Forge’s sales process to ensure their new website supports their lead generation efforts
  • Defined website-specific goals and key performance indicators to measure

To conclude the website blueprint process, we created a comprehensive strategy with recommendations on scope, user experience, creative direction, and lead generation.

With a strategy in place, we wrote content based on Forge’s StoryBrand messaging and designed a new look and feel across 20+ webpages before launching and hosting their new website.

App Blueprint & Custom Web App

As we created Forge’s website, they wanted to take their transitional call to action to the next level and create a data-driven online assessment to generate and nurture leads.

By completing an app blueprint, we built Forge’s business case for developing a custom assessment, established technical requirements, investigated custom versus off-the-shelf solutions to meet their goals, and set the scope of the app.

After completing their strategy, Forge opted to build a custom app, and we got to work developing their Business Intelligence Grader web app that leads business owners and leaders through an online assessment, using a series of scaled questions to highlight business performance issues across four critical categories.

This web app features an easy-to-navigate interface, is designed to align with Forge’s branding, and is accessible from Forge’s website. It also integrates with Forge’s sales platforms, including Salesforce and HubSpot, for seamless tracking and nurturing.

Website & App Blueprint

Website & App Blueprint

Website Design

Website Design

App Development

App Development