Bright Ideas Book Club

Join a community of driven business owners reading and applying ideas from the best business books

Read high-impact
business books

Build a network of
like-minded peers

Implement new concepts
with confidence

Read high-impact business books

Build a network of like-minded peers

Implement new concepts with confidence

Too Many Good Ideas Go Unexecuted

Do you get excited by new business ideas and strategies you read about but struggle to translate your inspiration into action?

If so, you’re not alone.

Without a supportive community to discuss takeaways and brainstorm next steps, it’s easy to put off taking action and leave your learnings on the page.

Bridge the Gap from Reading to Results

Continue Learning
as a Leader

Gain ideas, insights, and new perspectives from featured business books and monthly group discussions

Connect with Fellow
Business Owners

Attend monthly calls where driven business owners discuss takeaways and brainstorm together

Find Accountability
to Take Action

Leave book club calls with clarity and confidence to put new ideas and strategies to work in your business

Continuous Growth

Bring More Bright Ideas to Your Business

We’ve felt the frustration of not following through on the takeaways that excite us after finishing an inspiring business read.

That’s why Bright Ideas Book Club is about more than reading books. It’s a network of business owners committed to continuous learning and growth.

Each month, we feature a high-impact business book and host a free discussion call where business owners share takeaways, ask questions, explore real-world applications, and set the next step to take in their business.

Join the Bright Ideas Book Club to connect, grow, and lead alongside like-minded business owners, all at no cost.

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Turn Insights into Impact

Brainstorm ideas, get answers to questions, and problem-solve challenges

Is Bright Ideas Book Club Right for You?

When you join the book club community, you’ll:

Gain insights from the best business minds
Grow your network of like-minded peers
Share and receive actionable insights with other business owners
Get practical advice on how to apply book concepts to your business
Move your learnings from page to practice
Stay motivated and accountable to implement new strategies
Set aside time for your professional development
Lead alongside peers with aligned growth goals

Frequently Asked Questions

What does joining the Bright Ideas Book Club involve?
When you sign up for the Bright Ideas Book Club, you join a community of driven business owners interested in reading inspiring business books and applying strategies to grow their businesses.

You’ll receive emails sharing upcoming featured books and book club calls, with the option to participate when you’d like. There’s no commitment to read every book and attend every call.

To participate, simply read the featured book and attend the group call to share your takeaways, meet other business owners, and discuss how to apply new ideas in your company.

Is there a cost to join?
No, joining the Bright Ideas Book Club is free. Our goal is to gather like-minded business owners interested in reading high-impact business books and taking the next steps to apply learned ideas and strategies.
How do I join?

Joining is easy! Simply fill out the sign-up form (also found by clicking a Join Now button) to receive emails about upcoming books and calls.

What types of books will we read?

We select popular, high-impact business books relevant to business owners looking to scale their companies and continue growing as leaders. The selections cover a range of topics, including leadership, growth, strategy, marketing, productivity, and more.

Click here to view what we’re reading next.

How often does the book club meet?
The Bright Ideas Book Club meets once a month from 12-1 pm CT. Each call is scheduled well in advance to give you plenty of time to read the featured book and prepare for our discussion.
How do book club calls work?
Our monthly book club calls are held virtually on Zoom. During each call, a facilitator from Illuminated will kick off the discussion and open the floor for attendees to share insights, ask questions, and engage in conversation about the featured book.
Do I need to read every book or attend every call?
While we encourage active participation to get the most out of this book club, we understand that life can get busy. You are welcome to join as many calls as your schedule allows.
How will I be notified about upcoming books or calls?
After signing up, you will receive emails about upcoming books and calls. These emails will include information on the next book selection, meeting dates and times, and other helpful details to prepare for our discussions.
What if I can’t attend a call but am interested in that featured book?
If you can’t attend a call, you can catch up on the recording we’ll share afterward via email.

Meet Your Host

Brought to You by Illuminated

We’re big readers and value learning from the best business minds. However, we’ve experienced how easy it is to leave inspiration on the pages of a book and move forward without taking action.

As a result, we’re on a mission to turn insights into impact.

The Bright Ideas Book Club is a free community designed for business owners desiring to read more high-impact business books and gain clarity and confidence to implement new ideas.

By signing up for this book club, you’ll join Illuminated’s co-owners, Katelyn and DJ Soults, and fellow business owners in moving from page to practice.

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